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What we provide

Whilst on your charter you will be exposed to and enjoy the most sophisticated fishing gear on the market.  This will all be provided free of charge by Finns Sport Fishing.


What you should bring

We recommend that you bring food, beverages and suitable clothing for the elements. Sunglasses are also recommended to protect you.

We’ve tested the waters, so sit back and let us navigate for you

The majority of the sturgeon, muskie and smallmouth bass fishing takes place on the stunning St Clair River, Algonac in Michigan.  We are truly spoilt with the beautiful ocean blue water as well as an abundance and diversity of fishing species.  You will be lost for choice in the beautiful scenery and peaceful setting.


Weather Protection

Cancelled due to bad weather?  We'll help reschedule or refund.

Service You Can Trust

We'll provide the best customer service to ensure a hassle-free fishing experience.

Trusted Payments

Book via our secure payment platform and enjoy peace of mind.

Free Parking

Parking is included and plentiful so one less thing to worry about!

Cleaning Service Available

Fish cleaning service is available, together with cleaning table to clean your own fish. Bring coolers or bags.

Bait & Tackle Included

We provide all bait and tackle free of charge included in the price of the charter.

Our boating location

Mackie Boat Works / July 16th- November 30th

9715 Island Dr, Clay Township, MI 48001

(810) 794-4120

Have you got your fishing license at the ready?

Depending on where we fish you may need a Michigan Fishing or Canadian Fishing License. 


To find out more information as to which license you may need please click...

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